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     Beijing Shijihuada Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Century Huada") was founded in 2005 with a registered capital of 20 million yuan. It is a professional management consulting company registered and established according to the national company law and standardized operation according to the modern enterprise system.

In the past 15 years, it has developed steadily and become a leader in the consulting industry in China, and is marching towards the ranks of consulting + business + industry incubation comprehensive service consulting company.

      The core consulting team of the company has successively provided first-class consulting services for thousands of domestic enterprises and accumulated rich experience in consulting services. In the enterprise strategic planning, information management, human resources management, process reengineering, financial management, tax planning, legal affairs consulting, decision-making consulting, mergers and acquisitions, investment and financing, listing counseling and other fields have formed a set of unique consulting theory and method system.

The market research

Project investment
Project planning
Capital operation
An investment bank
Industrial strategy

Understand the production and supply and demand of the industry at home and abroad; Organize the latest business model and characteristics in the current industry, improve/reconstruct the existing business model for customers; Analyze regional economic resources and industry status quo, and provide effective basis for customers to formulate regional development direction; Seek unmet market demand, open up a new industrial market blue ocean; Forecast the future development prospects of the industry, and provide opportunities and inflection points for customers' asphalt industry development; To respond to the industry inflection point, capture industry opportunities, avoid customer development risks.
Provide feasibility study reports and business plans for various enterprises, institutions and government departments at home and abroad. Type of feasibility study report: feasibility study, project proposal, project approval report, project application report, fund application report, risk assessment report, investment value report, project evaluation report, overseas investment report, loan application report, etc. The contents of the business plan include: enterprise growth experience, product and service, marketing, management team, equity structure, organization and personnel, finance, operation and financing plan.
Regional industrial planning: regional positioning, industrial positioning, image positioning, industrial development elements construction of several aspects of planning research; Special industrial planning: analysis of internal and external conditions, strategic positioning and development goals, industrial system design, spatial layout, element guarantee; Industrial park planning: analysis of external environment, analysis of internal conditions, analysis of industrial positioning, development planning and spatial layout, economic calculation, implementation strategy.
Based on the development strategy, the use of scientific methods to enhance the market value of enterprises; With innovative investment and financing solutions, we can break through the financing difficulties of enterprises and bring potential investment opportunities to us. Adhering to the core pain points and problems of capital operation of investment groups and listed companies, the company adopts the customized service mode of "consultation + training" to provide comprehensive solutions for capital operation. Provide market capitalization management, investment and financing planning, PPP and industrial funds, investment review, investment enterprise management related subdivision of capital and operation related reports.
Tailored financing plan, straighten out financing channels; Integrate the expert team of finance, law and finance to create a professional and efficient listing plan and provide professional consulting services for listing. Including financing intermediary services, investment and financing advisory services, risk management consulting, financial consulting, venture capital, private equity investment, private banks, IPO listing counseling and other project subcategories related advisory services.
To provide strategic analysis, strategic choice, the profit model design, strategic planning, strategic security system design, strategy implementation and strategy evaluation and strategy management training, segmentation strategy research, strategic breakthrough action, annual plan of action, such as services, and is committed to the concept of strategic management, knowledge, methods and tools to customers, customer endogenous corresponding knowledge and ability. Solve the "ten major" problems of enterprise strategy, and achieve lasting success.
Professional + actual combat + forward-looking
To assist enterprises in compiling and scientific implementation of related topics planned by the government
Standardize planning outline and development strategy by exploring investment opportunities and investment direction
Industrial park
The state planning
The characteristic town
Consumer research
Internet +
Big health industry
Firms of fusion
Modern agriculture
Real estate industry
Cultural tourism
Intelligent manufacturing
Consumer research
Nowadays, the society has stepped into a fast-paced era, and consumers have a decisive influence on the market. However, consumers are the group with the least loyalty, and the products of enterprises may be abandoned at any time. How to understand the real needs of consumers and firmly grasp the terminal market can only be answered by consumer research.
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Internet +
In fact, "Internet +" is a concept specifically put forward for the transformation of traditional enterprises. It refers to the process of the combination of the Internet and traditional industries. Internet + is not simply the sum of the two, but the use of information technology and the Internet platform to make the Internet and traditional industries deeply integrated, and then create a new development ecology.
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Big health industry
Big health industry is according to The Times development, social demand and the change of the disease, puts forward an overall concept, is around to meet all kinds of health (spiritual, mental, physical, social, environmental, ethical) general demand of industry, specific include the following areas: medical products, medical services, medical treatment, health keeping in good health, health management, health food, health, environment, mental health, health, culture, transfer chain pharmacies and other health products, professional logistics services related to...
Firms of fusion
Modern agriculture
Real estate industry
Cultural tourism
Intelligent manufacturing
Financing intermediary service
Investment adviser
Risk investment
Private equity investment
Private Banks
New Third Board guidance
Risk management consulting
Financial advisers
Scientific prediction and decision making
Raise funds and organize fund supply
All investments with high risks and high potential returns may be called venture capital
The different sources of funds for private equity investment will affect the structure and management style of the investment fund
Private banks are banks that are controlled by private capital and run by market mechanism

New Third Board (NEEQ) is a national equity trading platform for unlisted companies

Specialized investigation, analysis, evaluation, assist the client to execute investment
Risk and internal control is an important means to ensure that enterprises avoid and reduce mistakes
We provide various services in financing, financial arrangement, mergers and acquisitions, asset restructuring, etc
IPO integrated solution for the whole industry chain
Merger and reorganization industry classification
APPEAR ON THE MARKET NORM: IPO diagnosis consults standardized management broker before entering the market counseling builds an office
Medical medicine: medicine, medical equipment, biotechnology, medical care and health care
IT and communication: communication equipment computer equipment digital electronic software service network operation
Mechanical electronics: mechanical equipment electronic equipment components processing and manufacturing
Transportation: Parts for automobile and motorcycle transportation
Construction real estate: real estate intermediary building decoration
Light industry textile: textile clothing shoes and hats raw materials furniture
Management consulting: human resource management, supply chain management, marketing strategy formulation and implementation of financial regulations
Listed financing: human resource management, supply chain management, marketing strategy formulation and implementation of financial system norms
Public offering consultation: market segmentation research and feasibility research of raised projects before and after listing development strategy planning
Road show: will train feedback to deal with the issue of road show financial public relations
Listing services: post-listing refinancing and M&A consultation Market value management of overseas M&A consultation
In 2005-2012

Industrial research and consulting independent consultant team has been established. The core team provides consulting services for more than ten mainstream industries and dozens of subdivided industries in the form of consultants, and has won unanimous praise from customers.

In 2013-2014

Shiji huada was established and operated, providing customers with industrial research, investment consulting, strategic planning, management consulting and other solution-type consulting services, and becoming a high-quality consulting service provider for a group company in the aerospace field.

In 2014-2016

The consulting business has been developed rapidly, especially in market segmentation research, industrial park planning consulting, enterprise strategy consulting and other business development. Strategic cooperation with HCR and some universities in Beijing.

In 2017-2018

In 2018-2019

In 2019-2020

In response to the national policy of military-civilian integration, it promotes the industrialization of military products, establishes deep cooperative relations with military industry enterprises, and provides high-end industrialization investment consulting services.

Shandong Branch, Wuhan Branch, Inner Mongolia Branch was established, the business scope covers most of North China, East China, Central China.

Tianjin branch was established, the business comprehensive coverage of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei region.

Shiji huada Business School is operating, and the official account of Business School WeChat has been opened, providing integrated online and offline course services. Public online courses reached hundreds. Covering multiple areas.

Strategic cooperation with Inner Mongolia Huijin Crowd Innovation Space to promote the development of industrial investment and industrial incubation business in Inner Mongolia. To the consulting + business + industry incubation comprehensive service consulting company.

Industry analyst
Industrial Investment Consultant
Strategic Planning Consultant
Industry expert consultant
Century Huada/Deputy General Manager
Chairman of CIIC Innovation Alliance
Master of Business Administration from Renmin University of China
Chairman of Finance Club of Renmin University of China
Some actual combat cases:
Deputy General Manager of Shijihuada
Leadership, execution, resource integration, team building, high-end consulting He has rich practical experience in industrial demonstration, innovative business model design, brand and marketing system building, equity incentive and other aspects
Through careful planning, precise positioning and all-round promotion, we have planned and designed a number of large health industry projects all over the country, such as Gui 'an Industrial Biological City positioning consulting, Jinguia International Great Health Industrial Park conceptual planning, Plateau Life and Health Town conceptual planning and planning, etc
Professional field:

Master of Wuhan Polytechnic University

Beijing Yi Zhiyong Consulting Co., Ltd as a senior consultant

Jebsen Industrial (China) Co., Ltd. Market Analyst

Jiangsu Sheep Group as a market research specialist

Professional field:
Some actual combat cases:
We have rich experience in market research, market research and analysis, customer satisfaction research and other fields, and have provided professional services in relevant fields for large foreign enterprises for many times

● Key national industry research of Jiangsu Sheep Group

● Research on spare parts price and business policy of BMW in China

● Research and consultation on after-sales service policy of Byton Automobile

● Jebsen PLC market research

● In-depth investigation of Volkswagen China auto zero ratio

● Jebsen group NDT market in-depth research

● Volvo spare parts, accessories, quality prices and market research

● Rsearch on key customers and competitors of Jiangsu Sheep Group

● Research on BMW accessories, premium prices and market conditions in China

● Research on after-sales service policy of Weima Automobile

General manager of product research department of Shijihhuada
Zhang aihua

Master of Economics of Nankai University Certified Public Accountant


Assistant to the General Manager of China Railway Tianjin Company

Senior manager of China Resources Wanjia

Professional field:

● Strategic planning of Tianjin World Chain Business Group

● China

Resources Vanguard North District Comprehensive Super Project Industry and Market Research

● China Resources Wanjia North District standardized operation process reengineering and management improvement

● Tianjin Lingang Economic Zone seawater desalination recycling project demonstration planning

● Tianjin Binhai New Area Beach complex project demonstration, overall scheme design, investment and financing planning and investment management

● Preliminary demonstration planning of many real estate projects in Tianjin and around the city

● Aerospace science and industry industrialization project demonstration planning

Some actual combat cases:
Director of Shiji huada Industry Demonstration Center
He has rich experience in corporate strategy development, project planning, project investment and expansion, human resource management, process management, excellence business and other fields
Tian Meng

General Manager of IT in China, UBS AG

Reignwood Group serves as CIO

Lenovo Group Business Development Director

Senior Digital Manager of Accenture China Co., Ltd

Director and partner of Shijihuada Strategic Planning Department

Professional field:
We have rich experience in strategic development, planning, project investment and financing, organizational performance, production and marketing, excellent operation and other fields, and we have provided professional services in relevant fields for the top 500 enterprises for many times
Some actual combat cases:

● China Mobile government and enterprise branch industry and market research

● The 13th Five-Year Digital Strategic Plan of Sinopec

● Digital business transformation plan of AB InBev

● Planning and scheme design of mobile gas business in Shenzhen

● CNOOC mobile business platform planning

● Mercedes-Benz Interconnection System Business Planning

● China Resources Group digital intelligent supermarket planning

● State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company 13th Five-Year Digital Transformation Plan

● Baidu ecosystem value research

● Business planning for digital transformation of Pfizer's China business

● Internet + transformation strategy planning of China Tobacco Guangdong Company

● Mobile business planning and implementation of credit card center of Bank of Communications

liu Bo

Master of journalism from Lanzhou University, more than 10 years of experience in brand consulting and marketing planning

Shanghai Jiheng Ruizhi Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Senior Director

Beijing Lingsi Vision Marketing Consulting Co., Ltd. Marketing Center business partner

Deputy General Manager of Chongqing Huaqi Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd

General Manager of Brand and Marketing Planning Department of Shijihuada

Brand positioning, brand core value extraction, news communication topic planning, media resources integration, brand public opinion protection He has rich practical experience in brand and marketing system building, brand image positioning and communication, brand public relations activities, crisis public relations and other aspects

● Herbal Tai Chi Dan Imperial Palace version of product marketing strategy

● Win cell bank media authority testimony communication campaign

● Charoen Tai sausage integrated communication, LG Display brand image campaign

● Dongfeng Nissan innovative marketi

ng planning

● Strategic planning of sports marketing for Jiang Xiaobai

●Procter & Gamble Safeguard wash hands and eat integrated communication

● Tong Ren Tang Wu Wei Fang brand communication

● Acer's acquisition of Founder's crisis management strategy

● Changan Ford public opinion monitoring system

● Changan Ford sports marketing strategy planning, etc

Professional field:
Some actual combat cases:

Master of Business School, Nankai University

Certified Public Accountant in China and quasi-sponsor representative

Investment banking business department of a securities company

Deputy General Manager of Chongqing Huaqi Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd

General Manager of Investment Banking Department, Shijihuada

Professional field:
Merger and reorganization consulting, investment, financing consulting, tax planning consulting, legal consulting, listing counseling
Some actual combat cases:

● Participated in Huaxia Tianxin, Baxter, Shangling Animal Husbandry, Chengtian Network, Tianqin Equipment, Dadi Stock, Shanghai Stock Branch and many other companies

Listing, listing, merger and reorganization, share reform;

● Connecting with many types of large and medium-sized investment institutions to solve the financing needs of enterprises

The two parties had preliminary telephone communication to understand the basic information of the project

01 Preliminary Communication
02 Field Investigation
Site visit and communicate project details

Investigate, collect data, check and sort out the first draft in advance, adjust or revise it, confirm and sign it before printing and binding

04 Report Preparation
Both parties determine the service price and reach cooperation intention and sign cooperation agreement
03 Agreement Signing
05 Report Submission
06 Follow-up Service
Regulating the report, typesetting and printing, and delivering the report according to the agreed time
Revise and adjust the report for free, and assist to solve other related issues
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The government department

The market research

The state planning
State-owned enterprises (soes)

The market research

Industrial strategy

Capital operation

Investment argument
The private enterprise

The market research

Project investment

Capital operation

An investment bank,
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